Electrical/Electronics/Energy   -   IEC/EN 62446:2009

Grid connected PV systems are expected to have a lifetime of decades, with maintenance or modifications likely at some point over this period. Building or electrical works in the vicinity of the PV array are very likely, for example roof works adjacent to the array or modifications (structural or electrical) to a home that has a PV system. The ownership of a system may also change over time, particularly for systems mounted on buildings. Only by the provision of adequate documentation at the outset can the long term performance and safety of the PV system and works, on or adjacent to the PV system, be ensured. 

This standard defines  the minimal  information and documentation  required  to be handed over to a customer following the installation of a grid connected PV system. This standard also describes  the minimum  commissioning   tests ,  inspection criteria and documentation expected to verify the safe installation and correct operation of the system. The document can also be used for periodic retesting.  


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