Construction   -   CE Marking

Eurotech provides CE Certification for multiple Construction products( Contruction Product Regulation - 305/2011 CPR)  from Notified body in EUROPE . Normally we deal in the following products

Prefabricated chimneys 
Structural bearings
Fire alarm/detection
Alarm device  Fire hydrants;
Flexible connectors;Nozzles/sprinklers/outlets
Short circuit isolators;
Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems-kits;
Road lighting columns Road marking product
Vehicle restraint systems: parapets, 
Variable message traffic signs
Traffic lights and fixed danger lamps
Traffic bollards
Geosynthetics (membranes and textiles), geotextiles, geocomposites, geogrids, geomembranes  
Metal anchors for use in concrete  Solid structural timber products; 
Wood-based panels
Plastic anchors
Masonry cements;
Calcium aluminate cements;
Special cements
low alkali cement;
Common cements;
Pozzolanic cements;
Composite cements
Structural Fasteners  and Nuts and Bolts 
Internal partition kits
Roofing tiles, slates, stones and shingles
Factory-bonded composite or sandwich panels
Bituminous mixtures
Bitumen Roof sheets
Cold storage room kits
Concrete frame building kits



How to Affix CE marking in Construction Products?

While affixing CE marking in a Construction product a Manufacturer has to make sure the following 

1) Get the product tested as per EN standard by a ISO 17025 accredited lab
2) If Notified Body involvement is must then get the manufacturing facility by Notified Body
3) Affix CE marking   followed by the two last digits of the year in which it was first affixed.
4) Put his name and the registered address without any ambiguity.
5) Put the unique identification code of the product-type.
6) Put the reference to the harmonised technical specification applied.
7) Put the identification number of the notified body, if applicable, and the intended use as laid down in the harmonised technical specification applied. 


How to Get CE Certification?

1) Apply to our office by email /phone
2) We have tie ups with NB and test Labs  and provide right guidance for Testing and Cerification
3) We provide online and on site Assistance


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