ISO 9001:2015 and Risk Management

Though ISO 9001 does promote risk based thinking, it does not provide any risk methodology. The organizations can freely adopt their own approach. The adopted approach should be proportionate to the possible impact on customer satisfaction and the desired results of the quality management system, should the opportunity or risk is realized.

After completing the first step of identifying the risks and opportunities, it must then determine how these need to be addressed. Any action taken to address these risks and opportunities should be matched to the possible impact of the opportunity or risk on the ability of the organization to achieve the set objectives of the QMS.

This also includes avoiding risk, eliminating the source of its occurrence, changing the consequence and sharing the risk. It must be noted that not all risks require an action. An organization may even chose to take a risk in order to pursue an opportunity.

Organizations can train themselves as per ISO 31000 which is a standard for Risk Management. The training will act as a useful resource for those who wish to implement a more formal risk management approach in their organizations.

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