Changes in ISO 17025:2017

The older version of ISO 17025 was the second edition which was published in 2005. Since then, the market has undergone many changes. To meet these changes and to establish a harmonization among other existing international standards, ISO 17025:2005 was revised and upgraded to ISO 17025:2017. This updated standard is based on a new structure which aligns it with other existing ISO/IEC conformity assessment standards.

The changes in ISO 17025:2017 are:

  • A new topic on risk based thinking has been added which has enabled reduction in standard’s prescriptive guidelines and replaced them with performance based guidelines
  • Increased flexibility in the guidelines for documented information, procedures, organizational responsibilities and processes.
  • Update in the terminology.
  • Recognition and incorporation of computer systems, e-records, and production of electronic reports and results.
  • Addition of all laboratory activities in the scope of the standard which includes calibration, testing and sampling related with subsequent testing and calibration.

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