Top 10 Non – Conformities

At some point, during your business operations, you will experience a failing in one of its important processes. Therefore it’s important to ensure that your business has the following procedures and processes in place to help lessen the affect of such risks:

  • A documented System: Your ability to step back and take a look at your day to day operations will be limited, if you have not documented all the recordable procedures and processes within your organization. This will stop you from solving out unwanted issues and improving efficiency throughout the product’s life-cycle.
  • An error log: Errors may be repeatedly happening but no one may bring those to the attention of management. This may happen due to the reason that no one sees it as their job to do so. Making a log of the non conformities helps you to review and control them, and also restricts the small issues to escalate into unsatisfied customers and lost business.
  • Process for seeking customer feedback: Customers are an essential part of every business and therefore their needs should be important to you. With the changing trends, knowing if those needs are being met will help you to improve your product or service, ensure repeat business, give a competitive advantage and reduce errors.
  • Staff Training Register: Training of staff is important for any business. It will increase the morale of the employees, and will provide you with a skilled workforce. Staff training register will provide evidence of the qualifications and education of the employees when required.
  • A final inspection procedure: What you deliver and how you deliver is important for your business. Carrying inspections of the procedures and processes relating to the delivery of your services/products, at the end of the journey, will help you to spot things that you may wish to do differently, helping you to streamline processes and save costs.
  • Regular process checks: It is a good practice for management to carry out regular checks during the product/service delivery process, which will ensure that everything is running efficiently and will help you to note anything that could be preventing you from achieving the desired goal.
  • Documented procedure for design and development: For those companies which are affected by design and development, it is important to map out how design is undertaken, showing the client the stages involved. This helps to ensure consistent delivery of service.
  • Traceability of design and development records: It is important to ensure that the steps undertaken while mapping out the design are logged along the way. This will provide you with traceable records, should anything be questioned in future.
  • Procedure for calibration: Where exact measurements & calibration are required, a proper procedure should be in place to ensure that they are carried out correctly. You should ensure that these are in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and any legal requirements which may apply. This will help you to avoid unnecessary fines and will protect your reputation.
  • Staff induction records: Poorly trained staff leads to poorly delivered products and services. Therefore, it is important that the staff undergoes a proper induction process. This will ensure that processes are adequately followed and the desired level of service is maintained.

ISO 9001 can provide you with a framework to manage all these non-conformities, which will ultimately free up your valuable management time.

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