Interlocking Devices Associated with Guards

The standard EN ISO 14119 is a standard the deals with the safety of machinery with special reference to interlocking devices associated with guards. It is a new version of the standard EN 1088. Interlocking devices or interlocks refer to the mechanical, electrical or other type of device. It prevents operation hazardous machine function as specified by certain conditions (generally as long as a guard is not closed). Guard is associated with an interlocking device and together with the control system of the machine under consideration is presumed to perform these functions such as

  • The hazardous machine functions "covered" by the guard that cannot operate until the guard is closed;
  • If the guard is opened while hazardous machine functions are operating, a stop command is given;
  • When the guard is closed, the hazardous machine functions "covered" by the guard can work effectively (the guard closure does not by itself start the functions of hazardous machine)

It includes in its scope technologies such as RFID or electromagnetic guard locking, made classification of interlocking devices and provide clear regulations and specifications of installing guards. All these points are used to prevent against the guard manipulation, which is known as the term defeating of guards. This international standard is developed by ISO, the International Standards Organization and is widely accepted in the international markets even replacing the standard BS EN 1088 in the UK. The standard do cover the parts of guards that actuate interlocking devices however it does not necessarily include the requirements specific to trapped key systems.

EN ISO 14119:2013, also known as EN ISO 14119 in Europe and BS EN ISO 14119 in the UK, provides a wider scope to manufacturers and users of machinery and include in its scope wider range of technologies related to interlocking guards. The responsibility is placed on the designer of the machine as to make such design that reduce the foreseeable, deliberate defeating of guards by such productive alterations that the guards do not hamper with the functioning and productivity of machine. It also revolutionized the way in which the guard interlocking devices are connected across variety of machines. Machine builders are always at advantage by adopting the safety gate system and design in such manner that comply with the standard EN ISO 14119 further minimizing the challenges such as fault masking and provided new competitive capabilities in the market through compliance with the international standard.

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