Significance of Appropriate Protection for Electrical Equipment

There is a lot of significance for appropriate protection for electrical equipment. It helps in protecting and preserving the valuable assets for a long time. If in any way, a harm befalls on the equipment, the optimal functioning level gets disturbed that also reduce the efficiency and reliability of a business and downgrade the performance in the competitive market. The backbone of industrial space is its machinery that has many critical and sensitive components such as electrical motors, drives etc. without any electrical component, the machinery is just a box that serves no real purpose. So electrical equipment must be housed in a protective enclosure to achieve the optimum level of functioning. High quality enclosure and climate control equipment serves as the best environment to safeguard the equipment.

High Temperatures

High temperatures impact he equipment negatively and reduce the total lifespan which resulted in unexpected breakdowns, high cost and reduced performance and productivity. Output cannot be generated 100 per cent when the temperature exceeds the limit. To prevent such circumstances, appropriate cooling equipment should be installed such as fans and filters, cooling units, or water-air heat exchangers.

Low Temperatures

Though the statement comes as a surprise yet protection from low temperature is also necessary for electrical equipment. When the temperature drops, functioning of any idle equipment drastically reduced. Low temperature also increase viscosity of oil and creates problems in motors or compressors, causing failures. For prevention, the appropriately sized heaters should be placed inside the enclosure. Heater will maintain an acceptable temperature when it is connected to thermostat to prevent the damage.


Condensate can cause significant damage to the sensitive equipment when it produces inside the enclosure in humid environments. If left unchecked, it causes catastrophic damage to the equipment. Prevention can be done by using industrial enclosure with an IP54 seal to prevent damage from humid air. An additional cooling unit can also act as de-humidifier and removes excess condensate from the pocket of air within the sealed enclosure.

Corrosive Substances, Dust and Dirt

Carbon dust in the steel and manufacturing industry, salt water vapor in the air in a coastal application, yeast or vinegar extract in the food and beverage industry are some of the examples of equipment that destroy the electrical equipment in industrial space. These contaminants as well as dusty environment can easily corrode connections and produce hazards of heat and fire. In these environments, cooling product should be used that prevent any dirt to enter into enclosure. Other options include air to air, air to water, heat exchangers and cooling agents which reduce the contaminants in the immediate environment of the electrical equipment.

The Factors that can affect the electrical equipment should be kept in mind or an advice from experts must be ensured to deal with the potential damages to machinery and related electrical equipment.

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