Top 3 Indispensable Requirements for Machine Control System

There are variety of requirements related to machine control system according to the machine directives provided by European Commission and International Standardization Organization. Generally, there are three main types of requirements if you are a manufacturer of the machine and related equipment. These include fast and flexible programming, seamless connectivity, and simulation and augmented reality.

1 – Fast and flexible programming

In a competitive environment where many machine manufacturers present their machinery, those with flexible customized equipment and capable to function rapidly as well as reliably are more encouraged than that of the machinery with opposite abilities. For instance, the introduction of pre-developed and tested equipment eliminates heavy-lifting control that reduce programming time by almost 70 percent. These features enables the manufacturer to spend more time on other features that really make difference in machine functioning.

2 - Seamless connectivity

Data is important in modern productive environment. The data analysis techniques are becoming more smart and providing improvement in quality, quantity, reliability, productivity, efficiency and other areas of utmost importance. The modern technology also enable the manufacturers to record the valuable information and share it through fieldbus connections to improve the performance of the product. This can be achieved by converting the data into valued data that provides maximum benefits to the customers. The ways in which this feet can be achieved is by remote monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities and the introduction of automated intelligent predictive maintenance solutions.

3 - Simulation and augmented reality

The simulation and augmented reality make the process of evaluation of ergonomics and human interface faster and effective. Both manufacturers and customers want solutions that are fast as well as reliable saving both time and money. Motion and control equipment makers are embracing the trend that provide an edge to their hardware consisting of appropriate digital models and simulation tools.

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