API Q1 Training, API Specification Q1 9th Ed. Fundamentals Course Algeria

API Q1 9th Edition Training in Algeria, API Specification Q1 9th Ed. Fundamentals Course

Eurotech conducts API-U Q1 9th Edition workshop based training session for API standards and certifications. An opportunity to learn from the best in the Oil and  Gas industry about getting certified and implementing API Quality Management System.

API Q1 9th Edition Training course for QMS Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry establishes the minimum quality management system requirements for organizations that manufacture products or provide manufacturing-related processes under a product specification for use in the petroleum and natural gas industry.  API Q1 9th Edition describes the requirements for a QMS required to manufacture consistent and reliable API products.

Types of In-House API-U Approved Q1 9th Edition Trainings:

  1. API Specification Q1 9th Ed. Fundamentals Training Course
  2. API Specification Q1 9th Ed. Practitioner Training Course

API Q1 9th Edition Course Content:

  • Introduction to API QMS
  • Risk assessment and management
  • API Monogram Program requirements
  • Design input
  • Requirements for API QMS Internal Auditor Certification
  • Contingency planning
  • Overview of ISO 9000 series
  • Calibration, accuracy vs. minimum test pressures
  • Over view of API Spec Q1
  • Management of change
  • Brief discussion and training on Quality Management System 9001: 2008 requirements
  • Customer satisfaction process
  • Brief discussion and training on API Spec Q1, 9th edition requirements
  • Internal audits
  • Introduction to Quality Management System auditing and practices
  • Corrective action and root cause analysis Audit protocol, Recording and reporting non conformances
  • Preparing audit reports and records
  • Audit planning for Quality Management System
  • Evaluating audit non conformities
  • Corrective action and audit close out process
  • Annex A
  • Audit techniques – Quality Management System
  • Brief discussion and training on Legal & other requirements for Quality Management System
  • Audit follow up Group presentation and case studies
  • Role play Written examination

Benefits of API Q1 9th Edition Training:

At the conclusion of API Q1 9th Edition course, successful attendees will have been provided with:

  • A thorough understanding of the API Q1 9th Edition layout and terminology / definitions / abbreviations, as well as their application
  • An understanding of the normative references
  • An understanding of the product specifications
  • Knowledge to reduce your operating costs by eliminating waste, reducing risk, and controlling process variation.
  • An understanding of risk assessment and management, document control and competency requirements.
  • The ability to prioritize audit trails where they are needed most, based on process performance and risk
  • The ability to plan, conduct and report process based audit activity
  • The importance of meeting customer requirements and achieving customer satisfaction
  • Real world knowledge and examples from some of our most experienced API Q1 9th Edition auditors/instructors.

API Q1 9th Edition Training Material:

  • Workshop based training, combining various techniques like:
  • Live Discussions, Brain Storming, Case Studies
  • Exercises, Readings & Sharing Practical Experiences
  • Best in Class Audit Practices
  • Mock Audits & Feedback session from the above exercises

Who should attend API Q1 9th Edition Training?

  • Organizations / Personnel interested in API Certification
  • API Monogram Licensees / API Applicants
  • Quality Assurance Personnel; Management Representative
  • Manufacturers of Oilfield Equipment
  • API – Quality Management System Auditors
  • Person who require detailed knowledge of API QMS audit process
  • Person managing API Monogram and API QMS in the organization
  • Person who wish to implement API Monogram & QMS in their organization
  • Students (Graduate, post-graduate) & others
  • Management Representatives

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