Are You Ready to Make the Transition?

As you all are aware that the new version of the ISO/IEC 17025 standard is has been released. As the final version has been published there is a three year phase in period which does not necessarily mean that can wait until the end of the three years to move to the new standard. Start your transition before it is too late.

How much time I have to conform to the new standard published?

New standard got published on 29th Nov, 2017 and mostly all accreditation labs are assessed every two years. For the first year after the new standard is published, laboratories can choose to be assessed to either the 2005 version of the standard, or the new version. 

One year after the standard is published; assessments will be done according to the new version of the standard. The reason for this is the two year cycle. The last assessment visit you have prior to the three year deadline is when you need to conform to the new standard.

Example: ISO/IEC 17025:2017 published in November 2017 all accreditation laboratories need to be as per new standard by November 2020. If your next assessment visit is July 2019 based on your assessment cycle your July 2019 assessment needs to be against the new standard. Otherwise your lab doesn’t meet the requirement to be accredited by Nov 2020.

How do I get ready for transition?

The main steps to make the transition are:

  • You need to conduct a gap analysis between your present quality management system and the requirements as per the new standard.
  • You need to decide on your timeline which must fit with your reassessment schedule.
  • Documentation has to be updated which means updates have to been done in current policies and procedures as required and additional any new policies and procedures have to be made.
  • You have to make communication and training plan
  • Apply the revised and new policies and procedures made as per the new standard.

Make sure that your lab continues to be as per the current standard up until the assessment against the new standard. 

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