CE Certification for Electrical/Electronics

CE Mark Certification for Electrical Equipment

If you are placing your electrical or electronic product(s) in the European Market for the first time, you need that your product(s) be CE Marked.

The requirements of CE Marking for electrical equipment is governed by Low Voltage Directive (LVD) – 2014/35/EU. All the electrical equipment and components designed for use that operates between 50-1000 volts for alternating current or 75-1500 volts for direct current need to meet the safety requirements stated in LVD. The Low Voltage Directive also includes safety objectives for Electronic Equipment.

The requirements of conformity for Low Voltage Directive are:

  • Validate conformity to safety objectives which are stated in LVD
  • Compilation of technical documentation
  • Complete the Declaration of Conformity
  • Retain conformity throughout production

CE Mark Certification for Electronic Equipment

Apart from LVD, the most common directive that applies to Electronic Equipment is Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) – 2014/30/EU.

The prime aim of this directive is to ensure unrestricted movement of apparatus and to build an acceptable electromagnetic environment. It regulates the compatibility of the equipment with EMC.

EMC Directive is applicable to a broad range of equipment including electronic and electrical appliances, installations and systems. It applies to products which are liable to generate electromagnetic disturbances or whose performance is likely to be affected by such disturbances.

There are 3 methods for EMC assessment:

  • Application of EMC harmonized standards
  • EMC assessment where manufacturer applies his own method and there are no harmonized standards applied
  • Mixed assessment which is a combination of the above two options.

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