CE Marking for Machinery Directive – 2006/42/EC

Eurotech Assessment and Certification Services Pvt. Ltd. is providing a  Notified Body issued CE certificate  that provides huge confidence in  Certification and in your machinery. We provide you with step-by-step guidance for meeting all the legal requirements of Machinery Directive - 2006/42/EC and getting your machinery CE marked. We also provide CE Certification for , electrical/electronic equipmentpressure equipmentconstruction products and RoHS Certification.

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HArmonised Standard for XXX are


Major Requirement for  EN  YYY are


We also offer Testing against the above standard - Testing can also be scheduled onsite


We provide full assistance in:

  • Developing IFU
  • Making a Risk Analysis as per EN 12100
  • Making a test report as per EN YYYY
  • Full guidance for developing Technical file ( Offline and Online)


What is CE Marking?

Some products which are to be marketed within the borders of the European countries must be affixed with the CE Mark, indicative of their compliance with the applicable European standards. The CE Certificate holds valid in all EU countries, including Norway, Iceland, and Lichtenstein, and in the EEA (European Economic Area). The European Economic Area allows member states to join the European single market without being a part of the European Union. Turkey and Switzerland are not formally members of the EEA, but have nonetheless joined the CE Mark application.

CE Certificate opens the doors of more than 30 countries of Europe for your product.

What is Machinery Directive (MD)?

It is a European Directive for machinery that sets requirements for machines, lifting accessories like ropes and chains, safety components and other related products. It falls under the scope of CE marking.

By machine, it means the whole of the associated components or parts which are brought together for a particular application, in particular for operation, acting with at least one of the appropriate actuator, control and power circuits. The definition also incorporates a group of machines operating as a whole and equipment that changes the function of a machine.

What is its Purpose?

The purpose of MD - 2006/42/EC is:

  • To improve safety level for workers as well as citizens
  • To support free movement of machinery within the member states of the European Union.