How to prepare for a API Q1 9th edition IN-HOUSE course?

How to prepare for a API Q1 9th edition INHOUSE course?

This API U approved FUNDAMENTAL course is a 2.5 day course and is delivered in-house by a API U approved Tutor.

Here is what are the bare minimum pre- requisite for a organization that is interested in undertaking a

1. Have a minimum of 5 candidates

2. Should have decent conference room with less disturbance

3. The conference room should be equipped with a LED TV with VGA connector or a Projector with VGA connector

4. The Candidates should go through at-least the following

a. Contract review procedure of the company

b. Product Quality Plan of the specific product that the company produces

c. The Risk assessment and contingency plan f the company if available

5. It also very important that the candidates are allowed to concentrate on the course and are not disturbed by their colleagues during the course of training . This is very important as there is tendency of the colleagues to make use of their accessibility during the course. This is small but very important point to run the course as planned and to be able to deliver the planned deliverable in the allotted time.

6. The API Q1 Fundamentals course recognizes the important of breaks . The Venue should have arrangements for refreshments ( tea/coffee etc)

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