ISO 3834

Introduction to ISO 3834

ISO 3834 is an International standard which ensures the weld quality produced by different welding processes. This gives the manufacturer confidence that the finished product is appropriate as per quality requirements, which decreases the dependence of manufacturer of metalwork on different inspection and testing methodologies which are required to carry out to confirm the finished product quality.


  • An international standard created by welding professionals.
  • A provider of the quality requirements for a welded product, whereas ISO 9001 provides the requirements for a quality management system and  it does not establish requirements for welded products,  ISO 3834 on the other hand does.
  • It specifies requirements relating mainly to the quality of the welded product.
  • It encourages a proactive process orientated approach to managing and controlling welding product quality in a workshop or at site.
  • It is also a Factory Control System to control activities for the manufacture of the products.

 Benefits of ISO 3834 Certification

  • Customer Satisfaction

We all know that in today’s competitive market the customer satisfaction plays a vital role in improving one’s business. Repetitive customer is the backbone of positive feedback in the market which results in easy business expansion.

ISO 3834 certification allows us to demonstrate that we are committed to meet the customers and stakeholders needs as well as expectations through quality and continual improvement.


  • Better Quality Control

Better the quality control, lesser will be the rejection which results in minimizing the production cost as well as the time required for the rework.

By applying the best principles given in ISO 3834, we will be able to improve welding quality management systems. This will results in better quality control and will contribute to our business effectiveness and performance.


  • Compliance and Commitment to excellence

By the adoption of ISO 3834 we will get a clear framework for managing our processes and that will help to deliver confidence in stakeholders, which helps in improving company’s reputation and gaining a competitive advantage while applying for different contracts bidding.


Who should apply

This standard can be applied by anyone who is involved in fabrication of structural metalwork with the help of different welding processes if it is going to be offered for sale within the UK and European trading block. However , as we know that ISO 3834 is an internationally recognised standard for the quality control of welding processes, companies that are not into fabrication of structural metalwork can also wish to become certified with ISO 3834 to demonstrate best workshop practices to there clients.