Documentary Control in ISO 9001

Even though, according to the new revision of ISO 9001 standard, there is no requirement of a documented procedure for control of documents, there is still a need to control the documented information. This is to ensure that the quality of the documents affecting the work related activities is protected. Document control is an important aspect of compliance and auditing verification.

Following guiding questions can be used to ensure proper ISO 9001 documentary control:

  1. Protection:
    • Is the documented information well protected against tampering, damage and unapproved changes?
    • Who is authorized to access the information?
    • Whether there are appropriate safeguards in place to prevent misuse of information?
  2. Availability:
    • Does the documented information exist where it is supposed to?iso 9001 documentary control
    • Whether the available information is suitable to fulfill the intended need?
  3. Distribution:
    • How can the information be received by the employees?
    • Are they facing any struggles in retrieving the information?
    • Can the information be retrieved within a reasonable time?
  4. Storage:
    • Where is the information being stored?
    • Is there a periodic backup and monitoring of the information to ensure its continuous legibility?iso 9001 document control
  5. Change Control:
    • How does the organization ensure the correctness of the information?
    • How are the revisions tracked?
    • How can the employees be kept from using incorrect or obsolete information?
  6. Retention:
    • For how long the records are to be kept?
    • How long is the retention time?
  7. Disposition:
    • What happens with the information after the retention time?
    • How are the documents and records disposed off?

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