ISO 9001 and Benefits to Government Department

Implementation of ISO 9001 training in Government Department and Ministry has following benefits:


  1. ISO 9001 enable the departments to develop SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for carrying out its activities and functions.
  2. Helps in benchmarking and comparing these SOPs with other similar organizations.
  3. Helps in identifying areas for improving the functions of the departments.
  4. Codification of personal and institutional experiences and memories for future generations.
  5. The department is always on its toes through annual third party’s audits.ISO 9001 training
  6. Enables the department to audit itself against ISO 9001 standard.
  7. The possibility of losing ISO 9001 certification during the audit every year forces the system to sustain itself over time.
  8. It brings accountability and transparency in operations of the Government machinery.
  9. Allows the Head of the Department to give more attention to strategic issues.

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