ISO/IEC 25021:2012

Eurotech offers Gap audits for SQuaRE Quality Measures against ISO/IEC 25010:2011.

ISO/IEC TR 25021:2012 defines the set of quality measure for the purpose of Software Product Quality Requirement and Evaluation (SQuaRE). While some quality measure elements can be used as standalone quality measures, their main purpose is to be the building blocks for other SQuaRE measurements as described in ISO/IEC TR 9126-2, ISO/IEC TR 9126-3 and ISO/IEC TR 9126-4.

ISO/IEC TR 25021:2012 constitutes the link between ISO/IEC 9126 and the subsequent SQuaRE series of standards.

ISO/IEC 25010:2011 defines a "quality in use" model composed of five characteristics (some of which are further subdivided into sub-characteristics) that relate to the outcome of interaction when a product is used in a particular context of use.

This system model is applicable to the complete human-computer system, including both computer systems in use and software products in use.

A product quality model composed of eight characteristics (which are further subdivided into sub-characteristics) that relate to static properties of software and dynamic properties of the computer system. The model is applicable to both computer systems and software products