AWS-CWS Certified Welding Supervisor Training Course

At Eurotech we are providing the most respectable and Profitable certification for the Welding professionals i.e. Certified Welding Supervisor (CWS). Certified Welding Supervisor is a well known certification of American Welding Society (AWS) which is applicable all over the world. This certification helps in reducing welding costs, helps increase productivity and profitability, and helps make a company more competitive.

As a Certified Welding Supervisor (CWS) your personal rewards can be significant as well. You will gain valuable expertise that can increase your career. This certification brings higher pay, better job security and the professional esteem that marks your skills and knowledge as among the industry’s elite.

Why AWS-CWS (Certified Welding Supervisor) so effective?

Many supervisors have the ability to improve their productivity significantly, but often lack the full knowledge and supportive skills to truly maximize their welding team’s performance.

Eurotech AWS-Certified Welding Supervisor (CWS) program is strictly designed to resolve these conditions by:

  • Teaching welding supervisors how to guide their team to work even more productively and successfully.
  • Sharing the body of knowledge among all welding supervisors should know and understand to enhance productivity and improve weld quality.

Do you qualify for AWS-CWS ?

In order to qualify for AWS-CWS (Certified Welding Supervisor) program, a candidate shall possess following qualifications:

  • Shall be a high school graduate or hold a state or military approved high school equivalency Diploma.
  • Shall have a minimum of 3 years of practical welding experience.
  • Shall have a 3 years of relevant teaching experience in a trade, technical school, college or university  or employment in manufacturing industry in the position of teaching the welding skills and the application theory.

AWS-CWS 2 Part Exam

To become certified welding supervisor (CWS), applicants shall meet the following examination requirements:

The AWS-CWS examination is a two part multiple choice question Open book exam in which the candidates have to score minimum 70% correct answers.

Sr. No.

ExaminationNo of Questions

Min. % required

Part A- Fundamentals of Welding Supervision150

70% correct answers


Part B-Welding Practices & Economics


70% correct answers

AWS-Certified Welding Supervisor (CWS) Syllabus:

Like AWS-CWI or other certifications program, Certified Welding Supervisor has also a syllabus which helps the aspirants to make strategy and prepare for the exam and develops skills within the candidates to become a welding good supervisor. The syllabus for the AWS-CWS certification is as follows:

  • Knowledge of Welding Supervision
  • Understandings of drawing and Specifications
  • Knowledge of Base Materials and Welding Materials
  • Familiarity with welding, brazing, cutting equipment, Theory and applications
  • Knowledge of safety requirements
  • Welding Instructions
  • Understanding of welding norms and  production controls
  • Welding Inspection
  • Work report and records
  • Understanding the common applications of welding standards
  • Productivity and Performance

For reference of books see the Body of knowledge of Certified Welding Supervisor.