AWS-Senior Certified Welding Inspector Training

AWS-Senior Certified Welding Inspector (SCWI) is a renowned certification program of American Welding Society (AWS) other than CWI/CAWI/CWE for welding professionals.

This course is helpful for those welding professionals who want certification higher than AWS-CWI. To appear for AWS-SCWI requires a candidate must hold AWS-CWI certification for 6 years with 15 years of experience in welding field.

Functions of SCWI:

  • AWS-SCWI holder can do inspections & supervise/train one or more CWI and CAWI
  • AWS-SCWI holder can do audits of vendors and business entities.
  • AWS-SCWI holder can examine for standard mitigation.

Benefits to Industry:

  • Able to minimize failure and Recall
  • Helps in gaining sales advantage over overseas & Domestic Competition
  • Save money on Training and testing
  • Amplify product liability protection.
  • Maintain desired level of Quality and Workmanship, while improving productivity and efficiency of your company.

Do you Qualify for AWS-SCWI?

Qualification Requirements:

To appear for AWS-SCWI exam requires AWS-CWI certification for minimum six years, and applicants should also have minimum 15 years work experience in welding industry.

Experience Requirements:

SCWI applicants must have direct work involvement in:

  • Design – preparation of plans and drawing for weldments, preparation of inspection procedures, requirements, acceptance criteria.
  • Production – planning, control, and supervision of welding materials, procedures and operations.
  • Construction – employees’ supervision and fabrication or erection of weldments.
  • Quality Control – revealing and measurement of weld discontinuities, procedures, supervision of employees, specification of QC methods, review of QC programs of vendors.
  • Quality Assurance – specification of QA methods, review QA programs of vendors, and conducting audits of vendors.
  • Examination – examination testing, application of visual or other nondestructive evaluation process.
  • Repair – repair of defective welds or supervision of personnel performing repair

AWS-SCWI 2 Part Exam

SCWI exam is an open book exam which consists of two parts- A & B each lasting for two hours. Candidates may bring to the examination site only the reference materials listed on page 2 to assist them in taking the examinations.

Sr. No.

SCWI ExaminationsNo. of Questions

Min. Percentage Required


SCWI Part A & Part B200

72% (144 correct Answer)


AWS-SCWI Syllabus

The AWS Senior Certified Welding Inspector (SCWI) is in open book format exam. Candidates may bring to the examination site only the reference materials listed on page 2 to assist them in taking the examinations.

The SCWI examination consists of two open book examinations, Part A & B each lasting for two hours.

At Eurotech, we only take examination of SCWI. We don’t provide Training and study material. Candidates can purchase study material online.

Part A – Technical fundamentals:
  • Welding and Allied Processes
  • Heat Control and Metallurgy
  • NDE Fundamentals
  • NDE applicability
  • Destructive Testing
Part B – Administrative Fundamentals:
  • Welding Procedure Qualifications
  • Welding Personnel Qualifications and Certifications
  • Welding Inspection and NDE personnel
  • Qualification and Certification
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety programs and Procedures
  • Project Management
  • Personnel Management and Training

AWS-SCWI Re-Examination: 

The SCWI Re-Exam is to be for those persons who have taken the AWS SCWI examination, and did not qualify for the SCWI level.

SCWI Examination Will Consist of Both Parts:

The SCWI re-examination must be taken WITHIN ONE year following the date of your FIRST exam to keep your application current. AFTER ONE year, following your FIRST exam, you are required to complete a new SCWI Exam Application.

Visual Acuity Record:

Visual Acuity Record that is currently in your certification file cannot be more than 7 months old to the date of your re-exam. If it is beyond 7 months, you will be required to provide a new Visual Acuity Record.

Re-Exam Fees:

The fees for re-exam will be same as of INITIAL EXAM i.e. 1000 USD

Verify The Following Documents Before Submitting Your Application to AWS:
  • Complete and sign the application.
  • The address shown in the application is where your documents will be mailed.
  • Visual Acuity Record.
  • Payment included with the application.

You will be notified 6 weeks AFTER your application has been submitted. Eurotech strongly advise applicants to please allow the 6 weeks processing time so that AWS may efficiently and accurately serve your certification needs.

AWS-SCWI Renewal Process:

The renewal process is part of continued certification of SCWI according to QC1. It is your responsibility to renew your certification before it expires. You will not be permitted to renew your certification after the expiration date. If you want to re-certify your certification, you will be required to test on all parts of the SCWI examination.

  • All SCWI applicants must have to attest no continuous inactivity two years or greater, of the three-year certification period, in the practice of welding inspection or related activities.
  • Resumes are not acceptable.
  • In addition, you must also provide a current Visual Acuity Record with your application.
  • The Visual Acuity Record cannot be more than 6 months prior to the date of your certification expiration. Eye examinations must also be administered by ophthalmic medical personnel.
  • SCWI certification renewals are limited to two consecutive three year period
International and Domestic Renewal Applicants:

It is MANDATORY that all applications should be notarized. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. Those applications without proper notarizations will not be processed.

Documents to be submitted to AWS:
  • Check the suitable box demonstrating the purpose of this application.
  • Complete and sign the application (the address indicated on the application is where your documents will be mailed).
  •  Visual Acuity Record enclosed.
  •  Application must be notarized – Both domestically and internationally.
  •  Payment is included with the application