ISO 22320:2011 Certification

Various standards for Emergency preparedness have come up in the last 5 years.

IWA 5:2006 is the result of discussions at a workshop on emergency preparedness held in Florence, Italy, 24-26 April 2006.It presents the consensus of the workshop participants in the form of the workshop recommendations.

ISO/PAS 22399:2007 provides general guidance for an organization — private, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations — to develop its own specific performance criteria for incident preparedness and operational continuity, and design an appropriate management system. It provides a basis for understanding, developing, and implementing continuity of operations and services within an organization and to provide confidence in business, community, customer, first responder, and organizational interactions. It also enables the organization to measure its resilience in a consistent and recognized manner.

BS 25999-2 the management system  specification, makes it possible for organizations to have their business continuity management arrangements independently certified by external auditors and, thereby, provide stakeholders, customers and insurers with a real degree of comfort about the rigour with which the business continuity efforts were developed. Specification for Business Continuity Management", formally specifies a set of requirements for implementing, operating and improving a BCM System (BCMS). Part 2 describes a how the business continuity arrangements described in part 1 can be managed systematically using a documented BCMS. Since part 2 is a precisely-worded specification, user organizations may opt to have their BCMS objectively and independently audited for compliance with the standard, leading to certification. The certificate assures stakeholders that the organization is proactively managing its business continuity in the structured manner laid down in part 2 of the standard.