Problem Solving is the ultimate skill since we all have problems which we need to solve.

It is the act of defining a problem; identifying its causes; searching, prioritizing and selecting alternative solutions and implementing the selected solution. It is closing the gap between the situation we have and the situation we want.

The process of problem solving involves 5 steps. These are:problem solving training

A successful organization requires critical and creative thinkers who can generate inventive solutions to everyday problems.

In this course you will learn:

  • The skills and knowledge that will help you to solve your problems quickly
  • Pre-empt problems i.e. Solve problems before they occur
  • Creative Problem Solving i.e. Using imagination to solve problems
  • Problem-Cause-Solution Mapping
  • Breaking problems down into their components parts
  • Mastermind Principle i.e. Make use of many minds

Why Eurotech?

  • Modern and Kinesthetic Techniques of Learning.
  • Experienced tutors- go through rigorous criteria for selection and continuous assessment.
  • All Training courses are followed up with a feedback.
  • Continuous monitoring of every candidate.
  • Personal attention to every candidate.
  • Friendly learning environment.
  • Course content is prepared taking into consideration the needs of various delegates.