Positioning of Electrical Enclosures

An electrical enclosure is a cabinet or box that protects electrical or electronic equipment and prevents electrical shock. Electrical enclosure positioning is a matter of utmost concern as the other matters such as the material which is best suited to make an electrical enclosure, which method is optimum related to cable entry method for particular installation, how the identification of IP rating is done and any other technical issue. There are different points that must be kept in mind when choosing the position of installation for electrical enclosure.

Ease of installation

The electrical enclosure must be installed in a places where it is accessed easily. No one likes to spend extra time searching for the enclosure and then fixing the problems. Accessibility must be on priority list when deciding position of enclosure. Easy access will make the job easier of mounting easier, faster and free of mistakes. Though ease of access is suggested yet the care must be taken in hiding it from general public view to avoid any threatening situation such as vandalism, disruption or theft. The feature of height can be utilized in this regard e.g. the enclosure should not be accessible while standing but through using step ladder or small stool.

Getting outdoors

The enclosure are suggested to be installed outdoor usually on the exterior wall of the building. However, the care should be taken as to avoid any environmental stresses to comply with IP rating practices. The enclosure can also be set on the leeward side of the building as to shield from the extreme weather. The final aim is to provide protection from external threats whether natural or other.

Avoiding accidents

The accidents are bound to happen in certain high risk areas. Though many of the robust enclosure get protected by sudden forceful hits but most are not designed this way. A place where these type of accidents can be avoided should be first priority. In high traffic areas the threats are as many such as miss kicked footballs, interferences of passers-by, dropped load, poorly controlled shopping trolleys or pallet trucks. Further locations such as visitor’s attractions, museums, restaurants, schools, theaters etc. demand that enclosure tampering is avoided to make them of of reach.

There are certain robust enclosures that withstand high pressures or conditions and these should be specified as such. In case of other enclosures that do not possess these capabilities, expert advice should be taken to avoid any hazardous situation.

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