Photometry Training

Photometry Training

Photometric Testing helps you to understand the basic concepts of light, LED and solid state lighting specifications. Our regular one day training course in photometry, Colorimetry and light measurement will help you to understand LED and lighting specifications. It will help you in avoiding common misconceptions that comes in one’s mind while operating/testing these devices. We will show you how to correctly measure and express the performance of your lighting products. The training will benefit technical and marketing staff alike.

Training Insights

Lighting is an exciting and rapidly developing area. LEDs and solid state lighting promise not only energy efficiency but also designs. Yes!! LED specifications are often mistrusted and sometimes misleading too. Developed in partnership with measurement equipment specialists Lisun group, OUR training course helps you to understand LED and lighting specifications. It'll also help to separate the reality from fiction in LED specifications. Furthermore, it'll show you how to measure and express the output of various lighting products and ways to interpret its results. Our Training presents what is often thought as highly complex technical subjects in an easily understood way and combines a review of the theory of light and color measurement with practical, hands-on experience with the latest photometry equipment. Our state-of-the-art training lab contain integrating sphere, LED Power driver tester, Test Panel, Vitric, HV Tester, ECR, Gonio-photometers, Spectro-radiometer and many more. Practical exercises included in the Photometry Training involve measuring the luminous flux color temperature and color rendering of an LED fitting. It also includes a demonstration of the inverse squared law, and measurement through integrating sphere for the creation of data file.


Module 1: Basic Concepts

Light, Materials and the Human Visual System Light and the electromagnetic spectrum, Vision, S:P ratio and BS EN 5489-1:2013, Reflectance - specular, diffuse and scatter, Lambert Cosine Law.

Module 2: Photometry

Introduction, Angle, Solid Angle, Luminous Intensity, Luminous flux, Illuminance, Photometer, Energy efficiency metrics-LOR, luminous efficacy & energy efficiency index,  The inverse squared law, Photometric field - near-field versus far-field measurements, Photometric applications.

Module 3: Colorimetry

Introduction, Components of Colorimetry, Color vision   and Tristimulus theory, CIE color model, CIE color spaces and chromaticity, Color temperature & correlated color temperature, CIE standard illuminants, Dominant wavelength & purity, Color difference sensitivity & metrics.

Module 4: Integrating Sphere Measurements

Introduction, choosing the correct size sphere, Calibrating the integrating sphere, Correcting for sample absorption, Uncertainty and sources of error, precautions.

Module 5: Goniophotometry & Standard Photometric Data

Introduction, Standard photometric data Files, photometric data types, Goniophotometry Types.

About Photometric Testing:

EUROTECH ACSPL have independent test lab specialising in the measurement of light, lighting products and the optical properties of materials. We provide precision measurements of the color and brightness of LEDs, luminaires, solid state fighting, lamps, signs and displays.We help you to save time and money in bringing your next generation of products to market. EUROTECH ACSPL has invested in the latest, stale-of-the-art photometric, spectroradiometric and goniophotometric equipment to ensure that our measurements are accurate, repeatable, traceable and conform to the latest international standards. This investment has resulted in the creation of what is probably the most up-to-date, independent lighting test laboratory in India. With years of experience we have absolute confidence in our results.