Implementing ISO 9001:2015

Deciding to develop and implement a new or improved QMS is one of the strategic decisions of the organizations. For this, efforts should be made for identification and minimizing the risk while meeting or exceeding the requirements of customers and goals of the organization.

The organizations should make a commitment towards:

  1. Recognizing customers, direct as well as indirect, who receive value from the organization
  2. Understanding the current as well as future expectations and needs of the customers
  3. Establishing a link between the organization’s goals and customer’s expectations and needs
  4. Ensuring that the customer’s needs and expectations are communicate throughout the organization
  5. Planning, designing, developing, producing, delivering and providing support for goods and services keeping in mind the customer’s perception of the same.
  6. Keeping a tab on customer satisfaction and measuring the same for taking required actions
  7. Determining and taking action on the needs and expectations of the interested parties that can affect customer satisfaction
  8. Active management of the relationships with customers for a sustained success.

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