Welder Training Course


In the Welding Training Program welder or welding operator can achieve the skills in welding field and good position in the manufacturing and construction industries.

Benefits of Course Title to an organization:

By join this Training course one can gain an introduction to weld and welding symbols, Basics of different techniques like ARC,MIG, TIG, and FLUX, Improve existing welding skills with focus on individual technique.

Additionally you will get the benefits:

  • Essential safety requirements for welding
  • Basic knowledge of Weld and Welding Symbols
  • Learn the basics requirements of Code or Standards
  • Understanding WPS PQR
  • Focus on individual techniques

Applicable StandardRevision if any

ASME Section IX

AWS D1.1

Mention any attractive details of the course:

Welding Training program improve welder skill and ability  so company can have confidence that welder or welding operator are able to perform their welds correctly and be assure of welding quality. This course also cover safety modules for welding so welder can understand how to operate equipment and approach for safe and quality welding.

  • The Welding Fundamentals Chapter gives you a bird eye view of the basic principles and theory of welding.Participants will learn the basic knowledge of welding and instruments as well safety, metallurgy and quality of weld science. This presentation is ideal for both welder and weld operator who want to expand their core competencies.
  • The Weld and Welding Symbol chapter are based on the AWS A2.4 or ASME section IX gives you in-depth knowledge of different terminology for weld and welding symbol. This chapter is very useful to anyone involved in the design, welding inspection, and welder or welding operator.
  • The Welding Safety chapter provides a comprehensive overview of welding safety. This is based on ANSI Z49.1 standard that are about Safety in Welding Standard. This lesson gives us knowledge of safety equipment, essential requirements, precautions, terminology of safety and safety specifications.
  • The Welding Defects chapter is regarding Identifying common welding defects during and after welding done. By understanding this chapter one can Preventing and fixing problems with welds and minimize the rejection due to improper weld.

About Eurotech

We Eurotech Assessment and Certification Pvt Ltd is one of the leading training service providers in India in various fields like ISO 9001,ISO 13485,  ISO 27000, ISO 14971, 5’s, Basic 7QC tools, (American Petroleum Institute) API U-Q1 9th Addition Training, American Welding Society – Certified Welding Inspector) AWS-CWI Training.

We are into training sector from last 7 years.We are had served more than 1000 delegates for various trainings. We are:

  • Official Representative of Eurocert, Greece in India.
  • Authorised International Representative of American Welding Society (AWS)
  • Tieup ATEX Certification
  • Tie up with Dedal Bulgaria for CPR Certification
  • Training Providers of American Petroleum Institute University (API)
  • Deemed IRCA Approved Training Partner

Apart from training, we are also into Auditing and Certification services. We are providing ISO certification for ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 27000, AS9100, SA8000, CE marking, and GMP Compliance etc.

Eurotech Assessment and Certification Pvt Ltd is also providing various types of Inspection and testing services e.g.

  • Third Party inspection
  • Pre shipment Inspection
  • First Article Inspection
  • Installation Validation
  • Social Audits
  • COC Audits
  • Product Testing and CE Marking
  • Electrical Safety Testing (under different standard)

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