ISO 14731: 2013 Welding Coordination – Roles and Responsibilities

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ISO 14731: 2013 Welding Coordination - Roles and Responsibilities is the standard used for the supervisors. Welding is a special process, which requires the coordination of welding operations in order to establish confidence in welding fabrication and reliable performance in service. The tasks and responsibilities of personnel involved in welding-related activities (e. g. planning, executing, supervising and inspection) should be clearly defined.



This International Standard identifies the quality-related responsibilities and tasks included in the coordination of welding-related activities. In any manufacturing organization, welding coordination can be undertaken by one or a number of persons. Welding coordination requirements can be specified by a manufacturer, a contract or an application standard.

Tasks and responsibilities

 Quality-related tasks

Annex B shall be used as a guide to allocate quality-related tasks and responsibilities to welding coordination personnel. It may be supplemented for special application. Not all the items shall necessarily apply to all manufacturing organizations or quality system requirements, and a selection should be made as appropriate. For example, where there is no destructive testing or non-destructive testing, B.14 b) and c) do not apply.ISO 14731

Specification of tasks and responsibilities

The tasks of the welding coordinator shall be selected from the applicable part of ISO 3834, in accordance with the criteria defined in ISO 3834-1 (see Annex B).

Each single activity in Annex B may be associated with a number of tasks and responsibilities, such as:

  • specification and  preparation,
  • control,
  • inspection, check or witnessing

Welding coordination is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. The manufacturer shall appoint at least one responsible welding coordinator.

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